Here are some of my tips on having affairs without being discovered, assuming you’re already really good at it. Naturally, it works for me, but since only you and your wife truly know your wife, you might need to modify some of my strategies to meet your needs.


Seeming discrete


Never share with a live being. Open jaws sink the ships. Nothing is worse than committing adultery and getting away with it, boasting about it to a friend who then tells his wife, igniting the Chinese Whispers.

Despite how exciting your relationship may appear, you need to keep it a secret from everyone. Create a blog of your own, like I did, or an anonymous one on Twitter or Reddit, and boast away, if you like. If you cheat on your wife, you should be aware of the best practices. For this reason, you should be aware of cheat on your wife tips.

There will always be that one person who makes you feel awful if you discuss even a small secret with a small group of close pals. They’ve been together for a very long time—possibly since they were 16 or 17—and they’d never withhold information from them, so you know the one. The same friend will eventually make you nuts. They won’t see that you’re only having fun, and they’ll use every chance to make you feel bad.

It’s okay if some of your pals don’t agree with your life choices. They won’t even have the opportunity to voice their opinions if you don’t let them know, which could be for the best.


Leave no evidence at all


My wife has a nasty habit of constantly utilizing my phone. She occasionally uses my phone, but not because she’s curious—she just doesn’t want to get up to fetch her own. And the moment you appear evasive, suspicions start to grow. I purposely steer clear of using iMessage or WhatsApp as a result. I either utilize three reliable apps or the messaging options on dating websites.

My wife would never bother to look there since she doesn’t even know what these applications are. I also make it a point to manually remove the messages if the programmes don’t do it automatically. I also remove the call records if I’ve ever called my affair partner. Avoid bringing such items inside, and restrict your wife’s usage of your phone. You are merely causing strife.


Never pay with a card and never with cash


Nothing is worse than having passionate sex in a hotel and getting away with it only to have the claim challenged a month later. That was a shockingly bad move.

Always make payments in cash or digital currency. If not, you are almost begging for your affair to be discovered. Keep in mind that you don’t want to hurt your sweetheart in any way. If they see anything strange on your credit card bill, they’ll start to suspect you. I can assure you that the better is the less individuals who are aware. Your close buddies in committed partnerships won’t be able to comprehend your decisions ever.


Never snap a photo or a screenshot


While receiving images is fun, they also serve as record. These will serve as Exhibit A in the end. Also remember that if you use the Apple Ecosystem, these exact pictures may end up being synced across all of your family’s devices. Nothing is more awkward than having your 5-year-old daughter use her iPad to accomplish her homework and accidently stumble onto pictures of naked ladies. One of the recommendations for cheat on your wife tips is to never take a picture or screenshot.

Just think about how awful that would be. It doesn’t matter how lovely they are if you’re taking pictures out of concern that your spouse will see them. Keep the phone away from the bed and make sure your affair partner is aware of the strict no-texting rule. At all costs, avoid changing your password since doing so is an obvious indication that you are concealing anything.